How do I let go of past traumatic memories?

How is it possible that we remember some memories more than others?

Some memories are vivid even after years have passed.

Yet some others are lost even if they are recent.

What's behind that?

The answer is simple:

Energetic charge.

Energetically charged memories stay with us for a long time (some say forever).

If it's a positive memory with a positive energetic charge, it's a good thing.

Accessing a memory of a victory can bring a sense of positivity, confidence and enthusiasm even years after the original experience.

But what happens if it's a negative memory?

Just like watching the horror movie, whenever you access the memory, it sends a chill down your spine.

Negatively charged memories are the mental blocks.

Blocks preventing you from achieving greatness.

Standing in the way of what you want from life.

Some people believe that time heals everything.

They can't be further from the truth.

Time creates the distance, perspective heals.

How do you get a new perspective on what happened?

You first need to de-energize the memory itself.

Let go of the stuck emotion connected to the memory.

How to let go of stuck emotion?

How do you do it?

• Hypnosis & Hypnoanalysis

• TFT Tapping sequences

• NLP methods

• Journaling

• Talking (the least effective)

But there is a problem...

Many of these memories lie beneath your conscious awareness.

You are NOT conscious of them, but they still affect you.

How do you solve something that you are unaware of?

You look for the signs.

Your unconscious is always communicating.

If it could speak, it would tell you:

"Hey, listen, John (replace by your name).

There are some unprocessed traumas from your past that influence you on daily basis.

They are of the top priority for you.

Before you try to achieve any of the goals you have, you MUST resolve these.

If you don't, they will make it difficult, if not impossible to get to your goals."

Unconscious signs of unprocessed traumas

But your unconscious cannot speak.

So, instead, it shows you the presence of such traumas by different means:

🚧Self-sabotaging behavior

🚧Lack of motivation or direction

🚧Physical ailments with unclear cause

🚧Increased sensitivity to a specific emotion

🚧Being easily triggered by insignificant events

Once you encounter these "signs", you know that you have work to do.

One thing is for sure:

You don't have to change.

You can stay as you are right now.


if you want to experience something you haven't experienced before, you gotta change.

In order to attract something new into your life, you need to create space for it.

You need to let go of something old.

The best thing to let go of?

That traumatic memory that has been haunting you for ages.

You don't get any extra reward by achieving success while holding onto your traumatic memories.

So you might as well let them go now.

Make your way to success smooth.

Make it enjoyable for you & others.

Make it simple and easy.

Thanks for reading.

If you are ready to let go of the old stuff, contact me and let me show you what you are REALLY capable of.

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