The root cause of your problems is not in the now!

The root cause of your current problems is not in the "now".

🔴Fear of public speaking

🔴Problem with your intimate partner

🔴Inability to be patient when it counts the most

are "mental strategies" you learned in your past.

Trying to fix them in the now is like taking a painkiller.

It works for a bit.

But then the pain comes back again.

Consider this...

What if...

🟢Your fear of public speaking comes from overly critical environment you were raised in?

→ Fixing "your relationship" with that person/people is the solution.

What if...

🟢Your problem with your intimate partner mirrors your relationship with "significant others" from your past?

→ Getting "what you needed" from them is the solution.

What if...

🟢Your impatience is about your expectations that you have about yourself?

About the mental image of how you "should be" that you are trying to prove to others and yourself?

→ Changing or DROPPING the image is the solution.

You cannot fix your problems outside of now.

All the changes happen only in the now.

But the root cause is rarely in the now.

The root cause resides in the dark, scary and abandoned places of your past.

Places you promised you'd never return to.

What options do you have?

Most people know about 2:


This helps you to keep your problems in place.

Even if you solve them for a while, they return back.

They change faces and places, but they are the same.


This helps you to discover the root cause of your problem.

It helps some.

But there are many who even after years or decades of therapy remain the same as they seek completion they never had.

Talking therapy can sometimes create even more "victim mode", even more justification for our feelings.

("now even you know what they did to me, so that's why I am how I am...")

But, there is another option:


With hypnotherapy, we don't care about the content of your past experiences.

We discover the root cause and revisit it from a different angle.

That way you:

🟢process the emotion fully

🟢gain new insights you didn't have

🟢DROP the past experience once and for all

Imagine sitting in the front row of a cinema, watching a horror movie.

No surprise you feel what you feel!

But how would it feel if you moved farther away from the movie?

How would it feel if the movie was more distant?

How would it feel if you made it black and white?

How would it feel if you stopped watching it altogether?

The emotions would disappear.

You would be stronger because of it.

Because it would be you doing it for yourself.

Once you DROP the biggest baggage that holds you back, everything else is a piece of cake.

I know it.

I have lived it.

I see it happening every day.

It IS possible for every one of you.

All you need is courage to step into the cinema one last time.

Farewell horror movies of the past.

Time to watch something else.

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