How to let go of regret once and for all?

"Do you have any regrets? And if not - how do you do it?"

I asked one of my best friends lately.

His answer blew my mind.

But first, why did I ask?

Well, 2023 was great for me. But something inside me bugged me.

I had a feeling that I could've done more.

Regret. I'm sure you know the feeling. When it starts, it's hard to stop.

You start to be creative with it. Regretting even more stuff.

This was one of those days for me. So I popped the question.

His answer was twofold:

1. Regret is an indication that you don't feel good

Not about the past. Right now.

If you felt good here and now, you wouldn't have "space" for regret.

He said:

When I feel good right now, I look at the past and say:

"Everything happened just as it was supposed to.

All the decisions led me here. I'm thankful for it.

But, it changes when I don't feel good.

Then I feel bad about some decisions. And good about others."

The reality is this:

→ Regret is the conflict between reality now and your past decisions

→ You made the decision and you couldn't have made it differently

→ Trust the space that you needed that experience

"Yes, yes, yes...but how do I battle regret in the future?"

2. Avoid regret in the future - Create "disciplines"

Here's what you do:

1. Create a space where you deeply connect with yourself.

No external influences. No distractions.

2. Decide what activities you want engage with going forward

In all areas of your life. Exercise, reading, creating content etc.

3. Do your best to follow YOUR disciplines

Regret can exist when you create space for it.

If the space is occupied with something you deem more worthy of your time, energy and effort...there is no space for negative thinking.

No space for regret.

Wow, stupidly simple, right?

So, what did I do?

• I took a couple of days off

• I went on 36 hours fast

• I created the "space"

The space for me and for my future.

For the activities that are worthy of me.

For the tasks that when finished, I'll feel good.

What tasks, you ask?

• Self-hypnosis (who would've guessed, right?😜)

• Breathing

• Meditate

• Exercise

• Swim

• Run

• Read

• Create content

• Engage with people on X

• Focus on my "new activities" (more on this later)

• and more

I know, sometimes it's easier said than done.

If you're struggling with reocurring regret about the past, it might indicate:

• Unprocessed trauma

• Unhealed emotional wound

• Uncovered resource for the future

But sometimes it's just your mind keeping you busy.

The solution is simple:

→ You decide what will keep you busy.

→ You decide what is worthy of your time.

→ You decide where your attention will flow.

And if any regret comes, use it as an indicator that you're not feeling good RIGHT NOW.

Nothing wrong about it. Accept it. Move on.

The mind is your best tool. But it can also become your worst enemy.

Make space to make peace with it. And watch your life transform!

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