Is awareness of the problem enough to solve it?

If a magic genie granted me one wish, I'd ask him to allow the unconscious to communicate in words.

Boy, what a world that would be!

A world where you:

1. know your mental blocks

2. are aware of your unhealed past traumas

3. know your emotional and mental states as they happen

But, alas, it's not how it works.

What do you experience instead?

1. Mental blocks show up as self-sabotage, lack of motivation or discipline.

2. Past traumas show up as new traumatic experiences with the same emotion you experienced originally.

3. Most of us don't realize they are under influence of emotion and act as if everything is ok.

Your unconscious is ALWAYS communicating.

But it does so without using any words.

How do you make sense of it?

These are 3 approaches people use:


People in this category don't do anything with their unconscious.

They try to fix all their problems with thinking.

They take it day by day and don't see that most of their problems are repetitive.

They could save A LOT of their efforts if they resolved the root cause of their problems.


People in this category believe that the awareness is everything.

They believe that if you become aware of something, it will transform.

They do it by themselves, by meditation or journaling.

This is a good way to realize what's wrong, but not always how to fix it.


People in this category know that the unconscious guides 95% of our behavior.

They don't waste time trying to think about what's wrong.

They access their unconscious and COMMAND it to start behaving differently.

You can do it too.

All you need is to learn how to access your unconscious mind.

There are number of ways:

• Hypnosis

• Thought Field Therapy

• Belief Installation Process

to name a few.

Choose one that fits you the best.

Learn how to use it consistently.

Change your life for the better.

If you need assistance, contact me and let's talk.

I wish you a lot of unconscious changes in 2024!

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