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Coaching is about helping people attain their highest vision for themselves. As a life coach we create a space in which our clients can find and attain what they really want in their lives. We help clients envision their future and then partner with them to make a plan to get there. We empower and motivate them to create changes. We incorporate powerful coaching and NLP techniques to help them move through the perceived obstacles (including mental blocks) and we hold clients accountable for the actions that they have to make to take to change their lives and achieve what they want.

What is the main purpose of coaching?

The purpose of us as a coach is to provide and assist the client in the 3 C's:

  • Clarity — getting clear about what is important, what is wanted and who the client wants to become. We identify clear motivations and values, assist in the creation of plans and ensure accountability.
  • Control — taking full responsibility for the experiences of their life and therefore becoming the central hub  from which the experience of greater control and therefore influence over the governing life factors such as  time, health, relationships, success and direction can happen
  • Confidence — becoming genuinely confident through the building of self-esteem, competence and personal congruence. Becoming productive, consistent and goal orientated leads full cycle back into confidence.

What is our style of coaching?

Based on our understanding, there are 3 distinctive styles of coaching:

  • Mentor - a mentor is someone who is teaching a protégé — offering the personal wisdom and experience of their journey as a model to follow. The Mentor will have all ready succeeded in their given field and will attempt to guide and advice via their own personal blueprint of success.
  • Directive coach - directive coaches give guidance, direction and motivation based on their own personal area of  expertise. The directive coach will offer tips and techniques for achieving a particular result based on their own personal experience.
  • Process coach - similar in ideology to pure NLP although within a different context, in which the coach through questions that create awareness and clarity enables success through self awareness. By acknowledging and tapping into a person's values, natural creativity and inner guidance the process coach empowers clients to become clear, make quality decisions and move into success.

Our approach in coaching clients is that of a process coach, as it offers following values in coaching:

  • deals with the present to guide into future
  • maintains co-creative and equal partnership
  • assists client to find own answers
  • seeks to create clarity, overcome challenges
  • holds client accountable to their self owned agreements

What do we believe about coaching?

  • Every client is creative, resourceful and whole
  • Coaching clients don't expect the coach to make them feel nice, warm and fuzzy.  They expect the coach to shake them up, rock their work, challenge, inspire and assist them to their success.
  • Coaching is not therapy — we don't look for problems. We work in the present as we look to the future with creativity, openness and momentum.
  • As a coach we are not working towards closure or resolve, we are looking at ways to assist our client to expand, to open, to be on a continual journey of success and creation.
  • As a coach we don't have any answers, just great questions.
  • As a coach we assume that we are working with mentally healthy, robust and self-empowered people — we therefore treat them as such.
  • Success in coaching is the realization of tangible goals first and foremost — the non-tangibles are a nice by-product.
  • As a coach we assume emotions are natural and useful not symptoms of something wrong
  • It is always the client's job to decide the agenda for every coaching interaction
  • The client is responsible for their life, their decisions and their results. Period

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