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Would you like to create a new version of yourself? We can assist you in this process with our DROP technique.

What is DROP Technique?

DROP technique is a proprietary technique we developed for assisting our clients with achieving their dreams. This technique is based on the premise that all the changes happen from inside out, meaning that before we are able to change our external environment, it is first important to change our internal, mental environment. It is first important to be able to visualize a new version of ourselves that already possesses all the qualities, all the important characteristics that we wish to achieve; a version that is different than we are now. However, purely visualizing ourselves as different to who we are at the moment is rarely enough to produce lasting changes. That's where the DROP technique comes in.

How does DROP technique work?

DROP is an acronym for 4 steps that are between who you are today and who you wish to become:


Define the new version of yourself with as much detail as possible in the language that is understood by unconscious mind.


Let go of all the blockages that prevent you from achieving this new version of yourself, be it past conditioning, present behavior or any worries about future you might hold within.


Obtain all the necessary resources, open yourself up to this new version by stepping into the new you, by being able to own this new version of yourself and thus command your unconscious mind that this is exactly what you want to experience.


Proceed towards the new version by practicing specific action steps within your inner, mental environment as well as on the outside in the external environment.

Why does DROP technique work?

Our brains learn with and from experience and they usually choose the most effective alternative. DROP technique works because together we show your brain a new, more effective unconscious alternative and you get to experience yourself as a new version of yourself. It is like showing your brain a shortcut how to behave in specific area of your life.

It can be likened to driving a car to work every day, for many years and always taking the same route. However, one day, you discover that there is a shortcut and that you can achieve the same result with much less effort. How long would it take for your brain to remember the shortcut and start using it? Our experience is that it usually happens instantaneously and there is no need to rehearse the new route, no need to use willpower or the power of discipline. If something makes sense, your brain starts using it right away. That's why DROP technique works.

There are many mental strategies how to achieve our goals, some of them are less effective than others. The DROP technique has been developed specifically for achieving the new version of ourselves, the version that has already achieved the goal, the dream, the vision that we hold in our minds. DROP shows your brain the "shortcut" so it can start behaving in the way you want it effortlessly and instantaneously.

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