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  • Where do you might have a block?
  • At what level the block lies?


Mental block is anything that prevents you to live the life that you want. It is what stands in your way, it is between the life that you live at the moment and the life that you would like to live.

Where do you might have a block?

The first step to identify the mental block is to have an honest look at different areas of our lives and decide what we want to experience in each and every one of them. If what we want is different to what we experience at the moment, that is an indication that there is a mental block in that area.

Mental blocks can exist in following areas of your life:

  • Physical Environment - Home, Location, Personal Appearance, Transportation
  • Career / Work - Work hours, Career direction, Purpose/Meaning, Performance
  • Financial Security / Money - Budgeting, Savings, Income, Investment
  • Health / Well Being - Eating habits, Diet, Fitness, Sleep, Emotional Health, Stress
  • Family / Friends - Social Life, Time, Support, Community
  • Relationships - Partner, Communication, Sexuality, Intimacy, Personal Space
  • Personal Growth - Education, Learning, Awareness, Connection, Peace of Mind
  • Fun / Recreation - Leisure, Passions, Laughter, Relaxation, Pleasure

At what level the block lies?

After we have identified the area where our block lie, it is important to determine the psychological level at which the block exists. Mental block usually exists at these psychological levels:


The experiences we life through have a potential to influence the way we function. They might cause us to develop some fears and anxieties, even phobias. Sometimes we are unable to move through the loss of someone or something and sometimes what we experienced is so debilitating, we might suffer from PTSD. We are here to assist you to let go of all of this and leave these experiences where they belong, in the past.


Some of our behaviors are not moving us towards the life we want for ourselves. Be it a bad habit, addictive behavior or even some disorders (OCD, eating or sleeping disorders), our techniques can make all these a thing of the past.


Many people know what they want, but sometimes they worry about the consequences of getting it. Sometimes they feel like they don't deserve it, sometimes they lack confidence or self-esteem to really go for what they want most in life. We can empower you to rise above all of this and face the future with your head held up high.


Limiting beliefs about our worthiness, about our value as a person or about what is possible for us...they all can be the source of the mental block and prevent us from what we want to achieve. Beliefs are like an internal unconscious program and with our techniques we can edit these internal programs and update them to the newest version, the version you wish to experience from this moment forward.


I am .... can be the most powerful, most empowering and also most limiting statement that people hold about themselves. By exploring these inner statements together we can affect the most immediate and lasting changes.

The most important step to resolve a mental block once and for all is to become aware of it. Our deepest believe is that anything is possible, change can happen instantly and can be lasting. We are here for you...

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