How Changing Your Mindset Can Help You Conquer OCD

Successfully Overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder With Hypnosis

Every affected person knows it: obsessive thoughts, compulsive actions and compulsive impulses are as nonsensical as they are time-consuming and prevent you from leading a normal life. Nevertheless, they cannot be refrained from, but push themselves compulsively again and again between you and your mind. They are attempts to cope with anxiety-ridden situations or fears.

If you do not give in to the compulsion, the feelings of anxiety increase immeasurably - until the compulsion is carried out after all. By carrying out compulsive actions, the affected person tries to regain a perceptible sense of self-control and to suppress the fears that are burdening his or her life. This cycle repeats itself again and again and intensifies over time until the compulsive behavior dominates the day.

When Compulsion Rules Your Life

Obsessive-compulsive disorders are classified as anxiety disorders because they are always coupled with strong fears. This is particularly evident with obsessive thoughts. For example, when a mother is repeatedly haunted by the compulsive thought of losing control and harming her beloved child, she feels agonizing anxiety. Or stove switches and apartment doors must be checked in constant repetition for fear of the worst consequences if these checks are omitted.

The transition into compulsive behavior often happens fluently (e.g. compulsive collecting) and is hardly recognizable for the affected person. The more the compulsive behavior deviates from the usual over time and the more it restricts and hinders everyday life, the more it becomes a disorder and help becomes necessary.

Go Through Life Free Of Compulsions Again

With our techniques, we work with your unconscious mind to address your compulsions. By clarifying the causes and overcoming them, your compulsions will recede more and more and the limiting effects caused by compulsive behavior will lessen or disappear completely. Since the causes of obsessive-compulsive disorder are hidden in the deep levels of your unconscious mind and you are therefore not aware of them, it is necessary to go on a search with the help of your unconscious mind and to discover and process the triggering factors (which were usually already formed in the emotional life of childhood).

This direct access in techniques like hypnotherapy can lead to faster successes than is possible with other therapeutic methods. The more the view can be directed to the problem lying behind the compulsions and thus this can be worked on, it is possible in hypnotherapeutic work to make the force-conditioned strength and time-consuming behavior patterns superfluous.

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