"SHOULD'VE" doesn't work, use THIS instead

Honesty is all about your body.

Learn to listen to its signals.

It hurts so bad!

I sprained my ankle. Could've seen it coming.

The signs were all there, but I haven't listened...

What signs?

My mind goes to a moment a couple of hours ago.

Waiting for our friends to pick us up.

We agreed we would go to a party.

Their family of 4 and our family of 3.

Waiting for them, I don't feel like it.

My body is saying something.

I tell my wife...

She tells me:

"It's up to you. If you don't feel like going, it'd be better if you didn't."

Then they show up.

I see their friendly faces.

I share it with them.

"I don't feel like going.."

They understand, but they also say:

"If you don't feel like being at the party they have a playground there. You can play there instead."

What happens then?

My conscious mind overrides my body.

Did it ever happen to you?

You feel something and you override it.

Your mind provides an "explanation".


I rush home to pick up sneakers.

The party is quite loud...

I rather go and be on the playground.

Both families are playing, kind of nice.

Then it happens, sprained ankle!

Freaking hurts so bad!

There is no "SHOULD'VE".

Nothing like "should've" exists.

I don't use "should've" anymore.

I replace it with "The next time I will".

The next time I'll listen to my body.

The next time I'll be honest with myself.

Honesty is about you.

Listen to yourself!.

To your body.

There is no "SHOULD'VE".

The past is gone.

Use: "THE NEXT TIME I WILL" instead.

In relationships.

In business.

In life.

Honesty is all about you.

It has nothing to do with others.

People say: be honest!

How do you do it?

You do it by listening to your body.

Learn to tune into the signals it provides.

Your body is your internal compass.

"If it ain't fun, don't do it."

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