What to do when the whole world is against you?

For many people, the world is a safe and secure place.

For others, the world is dangerous.

Why is that the case?

I'm sorry to break it down to you, but it all comes down to your beliefs.

Beliefs are assumptions you hold about the world.

Something you "know" to be true.

Even if it isn't.

Beliefs are formed from your experiences.

If you believe that the world is against you, this is also a belief that was formed based on your experiences.

However, beliefs are also self-fulfilling prophecies.

Once you decide to hold a certain belief, this belief acts on you to recreate itself in the world around you.

I'll give you an example:

Some people say they can't spell.

Spelling is a skill that almost anyone can develop.

But some people "decide to believe" that they can't do it.

Once they hold the belief, they act in that way.

They don't give themselves enough space and time and effort to learn how to spell.

Because they "know" they can't spell anyway.

It's not the ultimate truth.

It's only their particular truth.

But it's truth until they change their belief.


Going back to "the whole world is against me" belief.

If you have this belief, you probably agree with this:

1. In your past you had a lot of unpleasant experiences

2. You expect only the worst from others

3. You don't easily trust other people

4. It seems everybody is against you

The fact you had unpleasant experiences is undeniable.

The fact you formed a (dysempowering) belief "the world is against me" is also true.

But the fact that this belief is now forming your daily experiences is the most important part of the story.

Let me educate you on 1 important aspect:

We live in a belief-driven Universe.

It works like this:

1. You hold a belief about the world

2. The world manifests itself in the way to confirm your belief

If you hold a belief "the world is against me".

Then the world IS against you.

Because you expect it.

It happens.

If this sounds counterintuitive, welcome to the world of quantum energetics.

Enough of the educational content.

The question remains:

What do you do?

It's simple:

If you want to change your reality...


If you change your beliefs, the whole world changes.

Let me tell you a secret...

This is what I'd do with a person with such a belief:


The belief "the world is against me" has been formed based on past traumatic experience(s).

In order to change it, you need to de-energize these experiences.

There are a handful approaches to do so:

• Hypnoanalysis

• TFT Tapping

• Journaling

Once you de-energize the experiences, you de-energize the belief.


What you need now is new beliefs.

Beliefs that are empowering.

I'd consider one of these:

• "The world is a safe and secure place."

• "I feel safe, secure and confident in the world."

• "The universe collides to help me in what I want."

Once you choose your belief (or more than one), you need to install it.

Again, there are a couple of techniques to do so:

• Hypnosis

• NLP methods

• Belief Installation Process

Once the new beliefs are installed, all you need is:


Your unconscious is constantly updating.

Most important updates happen during sleep.

→ You de-energized the previous belief

→ You installed the new beliefs

→ You slept on it to update

What happens now?

The world changes for you.

Once you believe that the world is a safe place...

it WILL BECOME a safe place.

If this seems too unbelievable to you, know this:

you don't trust me.

Why would you, with the belief you currently hold?

With your current belief about the world and people around you, it's difficult to trust.

But I don't ask for your trust.

I ask for curiosity.

Be curious and decide to give it a go.

See for yourself what happens when you try it.

I've worked with many people with similar beliefs.

Vast majority didn't believe the process would work.

Fortunately, the process doesn't require your belief.

It only requires your willingness to give it a go.

If you feel like you'd like to try it, DM me and let's talk.

What is there you got to lose?

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