3 amazing uses of TFT Tapping

Let's face it: you can't avoid the challenges of life.

There's no sense in trying to do so.

The challenges come and it cause you to feel emotions.

What you can avoid is to become consumed by emotions.

What you can do is to arm yourself with tools to let them go.

TFT Tapping is one of the most effective and practical tools there is.

TFT allows you tap these emotions away.

As you tap your body on a specific spots, you allow the emotions to flow once again and your body is free of them.

There are MANY things you can use TFT for. Let's explore 3 uses I chose for today:

1. TFT for Visualization / Achieving Peak Performance

I use this tapping sequence daily.

I use it when I visualize myself in a specific situation in the future.

I use it before an important event or meeting with a client.

I use it before exercise to give my very best.

It works like magic.

STEP 1: Visualize the end goal of the activity

(exercise, meeting, situation)

STEP 2: TFT Tapping

Use 3-4 fingers and tap 15 times:

  1. Under the arm (10cm below the armpit)
  2. At the beginning of collarbone

2. TFT for General Anxiety / Stress / Fear / Simple Phobias

The beauty of TFT is that there is one algorithm that has many uses.

If you feel anxiety or stress...

or you find yourself in a situation where you're afraid of something...

or you experience a phobic reaction, this is the go-to sequence.

STEP 1: Picture what it is you're afraid of / what brings you stress

STEP 2: Tapping

Use 3-4 fingers and tap 15 times:

  1. Under the eyes
  2. Under the arm (10cm below the armpit)
  3. At the beginning of collarbone

You can notice how this sequence is only 1 tapping spot away from the first one. How simple!

3. TFT for Removing internal resistance

If you find yourself in a situation where you behave in a self-defeating way, this is the sequence for you.

  • You might experience reversal of concepts, words or behavior.
  • You might experience something people call self-sabotage.
  • You might experience negativistic behavior.

No fret, this is the sequence to use to let go of it.

STEP 1: Bring into your mind what it is you struggle with

STEP 2: TFT Tapping

Use 3-4 fingers and tap 15 times:

  1. Side of the hand (karate-chop point - the place you would use in karate to chop the piece of wood... Don't tell me you've never done it!)
  2. Under the nose (above the upper lip)
  3. Center of the chin
  4. Middle finger (next to the nail - side that is closer to your thumb)
  5. On your temples

This will remove any and all internal blocks between you and what you're trying to achieve.

I use this TFT tapping sequence before I do any other tapping.

Long story short - whenever I tap:

1. I first start with removing internal resistance tapping (#3)

2. only then tap the sequence for a specific purpose

There you have it.

TFT Tapping sequences you can start using from today.

Enjoy them and let those emotions flow!

That's what they are here to do.

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