Is lack of consistency the real problem?

"I lack consistency in..."

some people say when I ask them about their problem.

What if your problem isn't consistency at all?

What if your lack of consistency is not the cause, but an effect of something much deeper?

Meet Mike, my crypto-trading client.

AGE: 28

JOB: Crypto trader for a prop firm

PROBLEM: Lack of consistency (or so he thought)

Signed up for my 3-months 1:1 mentorship.


I asked questions to identify the issue.

I asked about his "story."

Stories we live and tell to ourselves reveal everything about us.

Mike's story was this:

• He comes from a south-east Asia, but moved to Australia.

• He started trading for a prop company 2 years ago.

• He saw a massive success, making multiple 6 figures.

• He reached a plateau and started to lose consistency in his approach.

• Now he was struggling and reached out to me.

I dug a bit deeper:

• His plateau started after break up with his girlfriend. (before he had a couple of girlfriends, all of whom broke up with him.)

• His parents didn't approve of his trading career, even though he made much more $$$ in a month than both of them in a year.

• He suffered from feelings of shame and guilt with regard to past.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work:

Design Ideal Version

The first step is ALWAYS the same:

Hypnotic guided visualization of yourself having already resolved every problem you struggle with.


To create an image that is familiar for your brain.

Once something is familiar, it is perceived as possible.

Your brain always chooses what works best, BUT only from the options that it perceives as possible.

So, we did exactly this with Mike with a high degree of clarity:

• Images

• Sounds & voices

• Feelings & behaviors

so it feels REAL as much as possible.

Remove Mental Blocks

Now it was time to revisit the mental blocks:

• Shame & Guilt

How do you function in life when everything you do makes you feel guilty or ashamed of yourself?

• You have success in trading and feel guilty that your parents struggle.

• You dedicate yourself to something and feel ashamed that parents or girlfriend don't approve of it

• You take a loss and feel guilty, as if you "should've known."

None of these problems originate in trading.

Trading is only a tool to reveal them.

The best part about using techniques I use:

No need to revisit past traumas.

Yes, all these issues originate in the past.

But there's no need to "reexperience your traumas" in order to resolve them.

We used TFT tapping & hypnoanalysis to remove these "trapped emotions" from Mike's body.

When you release a trapped emotion, you feel different.

You feel almost as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

You feel free to do what you always wanted to do.

Optimize Your Beliefs

It was time to have a look at the present "internal setup".

We identified Mike's beliefs he held about himself and the world that didn't serve him:

🔴If I am successful, everyone rejects me.

🔴 If I am successful, I'm leaving everyone behind.

🔴 I am not worthy as a person, I don't deserve success.

(You can see how holding these beliefs wouldn't serve anyone, right?)

We used Belief Installation Process to "unsubscribe" from the old beliefs and to "subscribe" to new beliefs about the world:

🟢I am worthy and deserve happiness and success in my life.

🟢 If I am successful, I attract all the best people into my life.

🟢 If I am successful, I can share my success with others.

Practice New Skills

It was time for Mike to focus on new skills he wished to have.

Why not sooner?

It would've been an uphill battle.

Pushing against trapped emotions is no easy feat.

What skills are we talking?

• Consistency (in life & in trading)

Curiosity (useful in trading analysis)

Mindfulness & Meditation (important for relaxation)

Self-hypnosis (for practicing new skills in his mind = mental rehearsal)

• Time perception (needed for traders as they are making split-second decision - to be able to "slow down time" in his perception)

It was time to design his life exactly as he imagined it at the beginning.


• He designed his life as he wanted it - he now trades less than 30 hours a week with much better profitability

• He released 2 emotions he carried for very long time

• He learned technique of self-hypnosis, TFT tapping, visualization, relaxation, breath meditation

Oh, and for those wondering:

Yes, we did talk about trading and made adjustments in his approach.

But they were "obvious" and easy to make only when he let go of what he's been carrying all this time.

Still feel like your consistency is the root cause?

Think again.

Consistency is easy to have when:

• You do something you are passionate about

• You know what you're supposed to be doing

• You don't have anything preventing you from it

Lack of consistency is the effect of something deeper.

Wondering what it is in your case?

Contact me and let's see if you're a good fit.

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