The one thing you need for a healthy relationship. It's not what you think...

Last year, after 15 years in our relationship

my wife broke up with me.

And it was the best thing that could happen to us.


Don't get me wrong, it hurt like hell.

I was miserable.

Ask any of my closest friends.

I felt:

• hopeless

• depressed

• borderline suicidal

I felt like life lost meaning.

Asking myself 1 question over and over:

"Why did she do it?"

Well, here's the thing:

We "fell into" the relationship as teenagers.

We didn't know how to treat each other.

We didn't know how to be:

• Husband & wife.

• Life partners.

• Lovers.

We were unconscious.

We didn't have anyone to learn it from.

Our role models were:

1. Her parents. They:

• Live together

• "Tolerate" each other

• Don't look like they love each other

2. My parents. They:

• Got divorced

• Each found another partner

• Never had any passion for each other

Not the best models, right?

She broke up with me, because she realized something.

She realized that:

• She wanted conscious relationship

• She knew she deserved better

• She wanted to be better

She needed to take a break.

From the relationship.

From myself.

So she did.

We still lived in the same household.

We were still parents for our 3-year old.

We continued to live together as friends.

We talked about:

• How we want our life to be

• What we wanted from relationship.

• How we imagine intimate relationship to work

We developed a vision.

The IDEAL VERSION of relationship.

We didn't know it at the time, but that's what happened.

Then, it happened.

We had our first "date".

We didn't go anywhere special.

We didn't do anything special.

But it was different.

We were different.

We were conscious.

We were paying attention.

We were noticing the other person.

Pay attention.

That's what you need for healthy relationship.

• Friend-Friend.

• Father-Daugher.

• Husband & Wife.

That's what we do:

• Pay attention to each other

• Be present with each other

• Be interested in each other

Pay attention and you'll be fine.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Come back for more content about honeymoon life.

Why? Because we live it now and you can have it too.

I wish you a lot of presence in your life.

Presence in relationships


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