TFT & EFT - Why Do They Work?

Have you ever tried to remember something, but couldn't? Or have you been unable to forget something even though you wanted to? In both cases, your brain may have stored the memory in ways that make them difficult or impossible to access or let go of. TFT and EFT are excellent techniques for getting control over our memories, so that resourceful memories are more easily accessible and memories that are troubling can be let go of once and for all.

The theory of TFT & EFT

TFT & EFT are based on the theory of energy meridians, which are pathways in the body that carry energy from one part to another. When we experience an emotional event, the memory is stored in the brain as an electrical signal. Energy meridians can be blocked and disrupted by trauma or stress and this can lead to physical and mental problems such as headaches, back pain, anxiety or depression. TFT & EFT aim to clear these blockages by tapping on specific acupuncture points while thinking about the specific traumatic event that has been behind your mental blocks.

TFT & EFT can be used for empowering yourself before an important event, like exam or job interview, where you tap on your body in a specific way to bring resources into the situations where you might be needing them in the future.

Does TFT & EFT work? Or is it all just woo-woo?

We are glad that you asked. Some clients find it hard to believe that a traumatic event that has been bothering them for many years can be released quickly and easily using TFT and EFT. The experience we have with working with many clients using these techniques speaks for itself. These techniques are very effective, simple to use and also simple to learn, so the client can use TFT and EFT for themselves in other areas of their lives to let go of mental baggage.

How does it work?

The hypothesis behind TFT and EFT is that traumatic experiences that haven’t been processed create a stuck energy somewhere in the body. What happens when applying these tapping techniques is that the energy that has been stuck in the body can start to move freely through your energy system, thus removing the block once and for all.

TFT and EFT both involve tapping on meridian points on the body, which are believed to correspond with specific emotions. When you tap, you're stimulating these meridians and helping your body release endorphins that make you feel good.

The client is first asked to think about the traumatic event that causes them troubles, imagine moving themselves back to the event and then rank their level of distress on the scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is almost no distress and 10 is maximum distress. This is called SUD - Subjective Units of Distress. When working with clients, we usually apply TFT, which has specific algorithms for specific challenges our clients face. It is always amazing to watch how clients are surprised when their SUD goes significantly down after 1 or 2 repetitions of the appropriate tapping algorithm. At the end of the process, many clients are not capable of remembering the traumatic experience at all, they struggle with remembering or have just a fuzzy recollection of the event. The most important thing is – the distress associated with the memory becomes much lower or nonexistent. Why is that?

It's easier to remember emotionally charged memories.

How do we remember some memories and others not?

The answer lies in the emotional charge that each memory holds. Emotionally charged memories are more likely to be remembered than neutral ones, and this is because of their electrical imprints on our brains.

Memory is not just a process of remembering; it's also one of re-activating old information from storage in the brain so that it can be used again in current situations. When you remember something from your past, it's because you've activated some part of your brain where that memory was stored (this happens through electrical signals).

The more emotionally intense a particular experience was for us--the stronger its "emotional charge"--the more likely we'll be able to remember it later on down the road!

What really happens with the emotionally charged memory with TFT and EFT is that the memory becomes de-activated or de-energized and so the memory becomes a “normal” memory, just fades back into the place where it belongs.

Just think about this: you might remember a very old traumatic memory, but you would have trouble remembering what happened let’s say 2 hours before that memory or 2 hours after…you remembered the traumatic memory only because it was energetically charged. When the charge is released from the memory, memory becomes just like those other memories – you know you have had experience like that, but you don’t remember it clearly and it doesn’t have much of an impact on you, if any at all.

TFT & EFT to de-activate emotionally charged memories

Emotionally charged memories are memories we most cherish (positive ones) or the ones preventing us from becoming our ideal version of ourselves.

Often people don’t struggle with not knowing what needs to be done, they struggle with knowing what needs to be done, but being unable to do so. The choice of behavior is available to us, but something prevents us from behaving this way. What prevents us? A mental block. How is mental block created? One major root cause of mental blocks is negatively charged memory. Negatively charged memory prevents the choices that are available to us.

Consider this: What if you remembered all the experiences that you experienced in the past but had no mental blocks? No defense mechanisms. No reservations towards any new type of behavior. What would prevent you to behave in any way that you could imagine? What would stand in your way? Probably nothing.

Traumas are mental blocks, release them with TFT & EFT

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are a great way to release negatively charged memories and traumas.

Traumas are mental blocks that have been stored in your body by events you experienced in the past, but still affect you today. They can be physical injuries, emotional abuse or verbal attacks, accidents and even surgeries. They can also be feelings of fear or other strong emotions that were once associated with an event which caused pain at the time it happened (e.g., anxiety).

So, if you are looking for a way to release your emotional trauma and get on with your life, then TFT & EFT may be the answer. It doesn't matter whether the trauma happened yesterday or years ago, these techniques will help you heal from it and move forward in life with a positive mindset.

Learn about these techniques here and if you want to learn more about these techniques, make sure to contact us here.

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