Feeling ashamed? Learn how to stop feeling shame once and for all!

For years, I have struggled with a crippling feeling of shame.

I didn't know how toxic it was to me and those around me.

I realized it only after I let it go forever.

My letting go of shame

"What is this guy doing in the water?!"😲

people were asking today in the morning.

About me jumping in the cold ocean...

while it's been heavily raining.

It's rare to see the rain on the island of Tenerife.

Especially in my city, Puerto de la Cruz.

But that wasn't the case today.

It's been pouring big time.

BOTH cats and dogs.

The first thought when I saw it:

"What a shame it's raining."🙁

But then it occurred to me:

"I don't do shame anymore."🤔

I released shame from my system a few weeks back.

What do I mean by that?

I let go of shame:

✅ about myself

✅ about my past actions

✅ about my past inactions

The process was so successful that I don't feel shame anymore.

Sometimes the old habit crosses my mind.

Like today with "what a shame".

But I don't do shame anymore.

So, instead of shame...

I went straight into the water! 🏊‍♂️

I swam like I swim every day of the week.

I loved it SOOO much!

I enjoyed not only the swim, but also the reactions of people around me.

That's what I call being an inspiration!

(or being the only crazy guy swimming)

What does shame do to you?

Know this:

Shame occupies space inside you.

If you feel shame about yourself or your actions, the shame is literally taking up space that could be filled with something else.

Something that brings you positive emotions.

If you let go of shame, the space opens up.

You can fill it with what you decide.






Let go of shame in 30 minutes

Using my methods, you can let go of shame in about 30 minutes.

Read that again:

30 minutes!!!

30 minutes to be shame-free.

30 minutes to live a shame-free life.

I am still amazed how something so simple can have such a profound effect on life of a person.

Since I discovered the method, I've successfully used it with another 3 clients since.

All report feeling no shame at all.

No shame about their past.

No shame about present.

Helping people to let go of shame is one of my biggest goals for 2024.

Guiding people to fill the space with something they want instead.

Allowing people to feel good about themselves and their lives.

If you also struggle with shame, contact me now.

Here's to the world without shame!

Here's to YOU without shame!

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