I'm a Generator by Human Design. What does it mean?

You discovered Human Design.

You searched for ages to find your time of birth.

You succeeded and have your own chart.

You are a Generator (like me).

Now what?

Let's first talk about what NOT to do:


I know, it sucks.

But you are not supposed to initiate.

It doesn't matter that you cannot.

You can.

But it will suck badly.

Sometimes you soldier through.

Sometimes it will be pain in the ass.

The result:

Not-self theme: FRUSTRATION


Don't do that.

It's called "not-self theme".

It happens when you do what you're not supposed to.

For a Generator it means initiating.

OR doing something because you "should".

What to do instead?


As a Generator, you wait for the environment to offer something:

• It might be a person asking for help.

• Or you receive an email.

• Or a message.

Ask yourself:

Do I want to do it?

If it's a "HELL, YEAH!", do it.

If it's anything else, don't.


I received a message about donating the blood.

I regularly donate and I never plan the next donation.

I always wait for the message.

When it comes, I feel into it.

I got message a couple of days ago.

The answer: nah.

I got another today.

The answer: Hell, yeah!

The donation was amazing.

2 lovely ladies taking care of me.

Feeling of immense satisfaction ...

oh wait!

The important stuff!

As a Generator, you're here to find experiences that will bring you to your

Signature theme: SATISFACTION

What's the ideal day for a Generator?

Going from one satisfying experience to another.

Feeling satisfied is your birth right.

STOP doing stuff only because you are "supposed to".

STOP doing stuff because you "should."

START doing stuff only when you feel like "Hell, yeah."

Remember this:

Time might be linear.

But energy is non-linear.

As a Generator:

• Wait for the environment to offer options

• Feel into it and wait for "hell, yeah"

• Do it and feel satisfaction.

Stop playing games.

Start living the life you deserve.

Start living the life of satisfaction.

The only thing you are supposed to do:

is to live your life full of satisfaction.

Everything else is for someone else.

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