3 Ways To Become Younger in 2023

Most of us want to stay young as long as possible. But how do you do that?
I'm going to share with you 3 things that you can do to become younger and happier in 2023.

Be Younger by Having More Energy

Breathing properly

There are so many ways to learn to breathe well: yoga, meditation, tai chi and chi kung (Qi Gong). All these practices help us become more aware of our breath as an energy flow within us and around us. They help us learn how to use our breath as an instrument for healing ourselves and others-- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Breath by James Nestor

Breath is all about what it sounds like—how to breathe properly and how to breathe through your nose. James Nestor, a breath coach who founded The Breath Center in New York, has a book called Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. It's a guide for anyone looking to breathe better.

Nestor teaches how to use your diaphragm for deep breathing, as well as proper posture and strengthening exercises that can help you improve your lung capacity. He also teaches how to make sure you're inhaling through your nose instead of the mouth, which have profound positive benefits on human body.

The Wim Hof method

The Wim Hof method is a form of breathing that can be practiced in almost any environment, and it has the potential to improve many aspects of your life. When done properly, the Wim Hof method can help you become younger by increasing your vitality, balance, and strength — all while reducing stress levels.

The Wim Hof method was developed by Dutchman Wim Hof, who is known as “the Iceman” because he holds dozens of world records for cold-weather endurance feats including running a full marathon at -25 degrees Celsius in Finland without wearing any clothing or shoes (that's negative 37 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you want to learn the method, make sure to check out his website or videos on YouTube. 

Be Younger by Being Stronger

Physical activity

Movement and exercise is the second way to become younger in 2023. It's much easier than it used to be. You don't have to join a gym or buy pricey equipment, and you don't even need a lot of space. You can do all kinds of exercises at home with minimal effort, time and money.

Your muscles are your body’s most important organs, so regular movement helps keep them strong and healthy—which means they'll work better for you over time! And moving around more often throughout the day will make you feel healthier too...and looking younger!

Whether it's walking in your neighborhood or doing yoga stretches on your bedroom floor before bedtime, anything counts as activity—as long as it gets those muscles pumping!

Be Younger by Being Lighter

Let go of the past

Being “lighter” is one of the best ways to look younger in2023. We don’t mean losing physical weight, even though that can also be beneficial. We are talking about becoming lighter by dropping the excess “psychological weight”.

Aging can be accelerated by accumulated traumas from your past because your "age" is also impacted by the "baggage" you carry around with you every day.

The more psychological weight that you carry on your shoulders, the more likely it will show up in your face and body in the form of wrinkles and stress lines. You may have noticed that when people go through a rough time, they age much quicker than others around them who are going through different circumstances.

Positive news is that a lot of the extra baggage can be released and let go of, so it doesn't weigh you down any more. Our techniques can assist anyone looking to get rid of this excess weight, so you can live a healthier life today! Let's create a new version of yourself now - contact us for free session!

So there you have it. These are three ways to become younger in 2023. One of the greatest advantages of all these 3 ways is that they don’t even require you to leave the house. You can do all 3 of them in the comfort of your home, so there is really no reason not to give them a go. Let’s do it together!

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