1:1 coaching for newcomers

First time doing 1:1 coaching with someone?

Let me take you by hand and show you around...


1:1 coaching means you get someone who's 100% invested in you and your success.

Someone who's cheering you on the way.

But also someone who will show you the reality without sugarcoating it.

Only when you accept what is can you transform it.✨

Until then it exists by the sheer act of not acknowledging it.


1:1 coaching creates a container to hold you.

Whatever you bring to the table is fine and the container will hold it.

As soon as it enters the container, it is transformed.

Most of your fears exist only within the confines of your mind. 😱

Once you share it, you objectify it.

When it becomes an object, you can transform it.


1:1 coaching brings about change.

It is not only possible.

It is inevitable.

When you make the decision to move, everything moves with you.

The coach will be the first to notice.

But he won't be the only one.

You and all the people around you will notice the changes you will go through.

Because you change, your environment changes.

When your environment changes, your life will change.


When you enter into 1:1 coaching, you're creating space for yourself.

Think of all the projects you worked on during your life.

Entering this container is a clear message to yourself:

"I'm important."

Your unconscious hears you.

It usually answers with:

• increased confidence

• change in inner voice

• higher self-esteem

If you're thinking about 1:1 coaching, find a person you resonate with the most.

If you choose right, it will be one of the most transformative relationships you will ever have.

Ask yourself this:

Wouldn't it be nice to enter 2024 as a transformed person?

Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you want to feel?

Wouldn't it be nice to live the life you deserve?

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