If I could share only one lesson with you, this would be it...

I celebrate my 37th birthday in 3 days.

If I went to your birthday party, I'd ask you 1 question:

If you could share only one lesson you learned up until now, what would it be?

That's what I always ask everyone.

Why such a question?

It makes it easy to distill your core value.

I've heard many things over the years:

My grandma of 85 told me:

"Let go of what was, it doesn't matter anymore."

My best friend celebrating 28 said:

"Follow your passion, it will lead you where you need to go."

One of my friends celebrated 52:

"Presence is the most important thing there is."

I'm still 3 days away from m birthday...

But looking back to my life, I can clearly see the biggest lesson learned.


Here it is:

"Being honest is not only a virtue, it's essential."

Being dishonest with others and (especially) with myself brought me the most suffering in my life.

Honesty, on the other hand, is not only a door opener. Honesty is a heart opener.

If you wear your heart on your sleeve, it inspires others to be honest.

It inspires them to be authentic.

I've been on Twitter/X for 7 months now.

All this time I've been wondering:

What is my 1 message I want to share with others?

What is the one thing I want to repeat over and over and over?

First, it was this:

Success in trading is all about you, the trader.

Then, it was this:

If you want to change, use your whole mind, not just your conscious mind.

Then, it transfomed:

Hypnotic coaching is more effective than "regular" coaching, because we use your whole mind.

All these messages are true.

All are important.

But they are not the most important.

Yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night and had a transformative experience that lasted for 3 hours.

I felt a wave of inspiration flowing through me.

It was all about one single thing, shown in 100s of different ways:

"Being honest is not only a virtue, it's essential."

I've decided to change my X account to reflect this change:

• I've already changed my BIO

• I'll change my banner

• I'll change my pinned tweet

• I'll change my Twitter handle

• I'll change my picture to my current picture

Here's the truth:

Nobody knows how much time we have.

I am not afraid of death.

What I am afraid is:

• Leaving this life with unfinished business.

• Not living my life authentically.

• Not expressing my real truth.

I'm changing the message I want to express to the world.

I'll be using this account as a vehicle: https://twitter.com/DROPCoachMat

If it means I'll lose some of my followers, so be it.

But something tells me that this will attract much more people of my "blood type" to me.

I can't wait to meet you all.

X, get ready for the ride.

Here comes the honesty.

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