3 techniques for the Ultimate Confidence

Can you be born confident?

Nope, not possible.

Confidence isn't a birthright.

It's a skill you can ACQUIRE.

Get ready to conquer doubts with these 3 killer exercises!



  1. A circle on the floor
  2. Make it your favorite color
  3. Step inside and "pretend" confidence
  • posture
  • feelings
  • affirmations

Practice 5x to gain competence.

Competence creates confidence.

Why this works?

We all have our internal images.

Something only we can see and is with us wherever we go.

If you decide to create a "confidence circle", it will become real for you.

It will be at your disposal whenever and wherever you need it.


Get in the zone in 5 min:

  1. Breathe 5s in & 5s out for 3 min
  2. Visualize success at the end of the event
  3. Using 3 fingers, tap:
  • under your armpit
  • at the beginning of your collarbone

Simple & effective.

Why this works?

It brings together 3 parts of successful visualization:

  1. Breath
  2. Images
  3. Energy

Using TFT algorithm for peak performance is not only for confidence.

It can be used before any important event.

Use it, it's yours now!


Learn confidence from experience.

Your brain can't tell if something is real or if you imagine it.

Use it to your advantage.

Practice confidence anywhere.

Close your eyes and hypnotize yourself.

You WILL become more confident.

If you want, access the Ultimate Confidence recording here:


You can become confident now!

Try these techniques and thrive!

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