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How hypnotherapy can help get rid of bad habits
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DROP is for you, if:

  • You are a trader
  • You had success in the past
  • But then you suffered losses
  • And you struggle to be profitable now

DROP Approach
is a 1 month 1:1 coaching program.

We work together to:

Define your ideal trader
Remove your mental blocks
Optimize your trading approach
Progress in your trading with precision

After DROP you will:

• Have a step-by-step daily routine that works FOR YOU
• Know exactly when to enter and exit the market
• Know your risk management rules
• Know how to review your trading
• Develop a winning attitude

Trading will become a game where you enjoy yourself!

When you feel like you are ready to...

  • achieve a specific goal or vision
  • improve your life in a specific area
  • become a new version of yourself
  • let go of mental baggage
You don't have to do it alone.
We are here ready to assist you.

Perfect for anybody in any position or situation...

Whether you are managing a high-risk portfolio, running as a chef de cuisine the world's top-rated restaurant, or simply want to bring your life back on track. Together, we will rewire your brain to be able to get that 100% out of you.

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Look into a bright future with our sessions

Here's what you need to know...

Why DROP works:

Traders are good at following rules.
When they struggle, it's not about discipline.

It's because they:

Don't know exactly what they should do
• They lack the motivation to do the tasks
• Have an internal resistance (self-sabotage)

DROP works with your unconscious mind.

When you update your inner programming,
changes are immediate and lasting.
Resolved issues after mindful therapy

Stop being frustrated by not making progress ...

Start working with your unconscious mind.

Break free by unlocking your untapped potential!


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How it works

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    Discover the DROP approach

    On the free session we:

    • Find out if we are a good fit
    • Identify obstacles you are facing
    • Go over the steps of DROP approach
    • Answer all the questions and clarify your goals
    • Develop a specific plan of action for you to follow
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    Begin our journey together if it feels right

    Most traders say they want to be consistently profitable.

    But not all of them are ready to take the necessary steps.

    Are you a person who is ready to change now?

    Then I'm ready to assist you on your journey!
"I was introduced to Mat as I have reached a plateau in my career for the past few months.

Mat completely understood the situation I was facing and we worked on it together.

This is by far one of the greatest decisions I
have made in my life.

Thank you for untying the knots in my head and in my life.

Mat's knowledge and experience in helping and guiding others is profound.

I feel I can always depend on him whenever I need help to change things within me, now and in the future. "
Prop funded crypto trader

I've worked with many traders.
Here's what they say...


Our method


Unparallelled versatility
Days to see results
Far more
Reliable results
Why chance it?
For stock traders, FX, crypto....
Absolutely private
Who knows?
Hi, I am Mat.

5 years ago I learned techniques working with the unconscious mind:
• Hypnosis
• Energy Psychology.

I used them to transform my own life and lives of many others.

These techniques helped me to make more than $1 million in trading in less than 3 years!

Now, I use them to assist others to get from where they are to where they want to be.

If you know what you want, I am ready to:

• design the most effective plan of action
• take all the steps that are necessary
• get you where you want to be.

I am here for you.  
Hypnotic Coach for Traders

Success Stories

Great Britain
Mat is brimming with optimism that everything can be sorted and it is contagious. I am not sure whether it is the techniques or Matt's energy, but you will definitely leave the session a changed person.
I had the chance to take several sessions with Mat. His calm and empathic nature helped me a lot to dive deep into the hypnotherapy. The experiences I gained in the sessions still have a big impact on my life and my personal growth.
Mat is a joyful person who is knowledgeable and kind hearted. I am grateful to had worked with him.
I have been working with Mat for years now and he assisted me in all the areas of my life. The changes have been profound and I am thankful for the fact that there are people like Matt out there willing to work with people who are trying to change. I love that I was never alone and always had someone to rely on. I recommend Matt to everyone who wants to change for the better, because that is exactly what happened to me.
I just did a few sessions with Mat but the change has been profound. I left behind my unconscious heaviness which kept me from living joyful life. Can't express enough gratitude for helping me change my beliefs from (unconscious) self-harming to self-realizing. Now I know I deserve to be happy and successful and there's not the old "baggage" holding me back anymore. It has impact in my professional as well as private life and relationship with my partner.
I was sceptical in the beginning, but Mat has guided me smoothly through my past, present and future. And because I did not have to speak or even consciously know about what is holding me back, it was perfectly safe and private, even in Matt's presence!
Mat accompanied me through a period of self-reflection in my life. I had only experienced talk therapy before, with mixed results. Mat's approach of using hypnotherapy to access my subconscious helped to break through blocks and bring forth a stronger version of myself - one that I knew was always there - one that could face any challenge. Mat's accepting and empathetic nature made it easy to open up and be able to enter a hypnotic state where real and lasting changes can happen.
I wanted to become a new version of myself and I needed to get rid of multiple bad habits I had (smoking, drinking, eating white sugar and some more). I managed to drop all of these after change work we had done. The fact that I could do these changes so quickly gave me confidence to pursue my goals in different areas of my life and I am grateful for that.

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